Our Purpose is Defined by the Era We Live in

Apparently this is the first post I am making to this here site of mine. As such I’m not entirely sure what the hell I should say. I could always go the route of the good ol’ introduction and say “Hey, wassup my name is Phil and I kinda love video games”. But honestly I have said that so often that I’m not even sure what that means anymore. I think it comes across pretty well given that I’m name dropping Outer Heaven and using it as a means to establish something more. Hey wait a sec…I think I got what I can talk about.


Welcome to Outer Heaven Reviews. This is something I made because of how much Metal Gear has inspired me over the years. However it isn’t just Metal Gear that has had such a deep affect on me. There have been quite a few games actually like EarthboundPersona 3 Portable, The Metal Gear series (obviously) and more. But enough about my love of video games. What I would like to state here is what you can expect from me which are my thoughts on various topics that range from, and mostly, video games to maybe movies and television shows. Honestly if something strikes a cord in me I’m gonna do my damndest to write about it.

I guess now is a good time to say why. Well I learned a whole hell of a lot about media (I was a Media Studies Major and am currently in Grad School!) and the many ways it shapes and is defined by our society. If it’s one thing I have learned after college it’s that a lot of people take media and its technology for granted. What I have here is an earnest attempt to maybe change that. My long term end goal is to create some kind of place where anybody can start or participate in discussions of all kinds of media from all over! Like Outer Heaven there would be a mix of people from all walks of life coming in and starting dialogues with others. Hell we could then review the media we consume as opposed to privileged few who seem to decide what’s good and what’s bad. Why can’t we do that for ourselves then?

So that about sums it up. I’m a guy named Phil who loves video games and would like to write about Media (mostly games though).I should also mention that I do run a YouTube channel where I do playthroughs of games that I enjoyed. That you can see of on the side somewhere.

You’re probably wondering why the picture below is here right? Well WordPress used it in it’s “First Post” draft and I happen to like it but I feel that something is missing from it…


much better

Much better.